Easy Things To Paint - 5 Tips To Get You Started

5 easy things to paint

Are you a newbie who’s looking for something easy to paint, or are you just short of ideas? No matter who you are, we have got your back! In today’s piece, we’ll be fueling up with all sorts of painting ideas. From the easiest things to paint to what things a beginner should paint, this piece will offer some great ideas.

This post is divided into four sections. Each section consists of five tips, tricks, and ideas to help you pick up the brush and start painting! Let’s get to it.

What Are the Easiest Things to Paint?

Painting is all about putting what’s in your imagination onto the canvas. But sometimes, painters just want to practice some of the techniques and take a trip back through the basics, and that’s where painting the easiest things can come in handy.

The following are some of the easiest things you can paint to get into the flow or build new skills without sacrificing too much of your time:   

Abstract Flowers Painting

Abstract flowering painting is easy, simple, and time efficient. It doesn’t require you to elaborate and fill in all the details, although it depends on you and what styles you prefer, which makes it an easy practice template for all the painters.

By painting abstract flowers paintings, you can experiment with different colors, learn how adding colors can impact the final image, and more. And lastly, if your practice session goes well, then you can simply hang up the painting of the abstract flowers on your wall or even gift it to your loved ones.    

Quote Canvas Art

Painting quote canvas art gives you the ability to expand your imagination. By painting a quote canvas art, you are not limited to any boundary. Plus, you are free to experiment with any size, font, and colors you want.

All you need to do is just pick a nice quote, a matching background, and a lovely scene that fits well with everything. And that’s about it; painting quote canvas art is one of the most flexible and straightforward painting ideas you’ll ever come across. 


Not in the mood to pick a quote or think about different other variations in the quote canvas art? Don’t worry, quickly get a branch of leaves from your garden or near your home and start painting it on your canvas.

You don’t need to think twice when painting leaves. All you need to do is just see the leaves and let your mind and hands do the work for you. Painting leaves is, hands down, one of the easiest things to paint. 

Leaf Painting Techniques

Night Sky

What’s easier than painting the night sky above you? All you need to do is just coat your canvas black and then start analyzing the sky above you to get things going. From painting stars to the moon, everything is super simple to paint. And better yet, if you feel like going one step ahead, let your imagination take control and draw meteors, and whatever you like. To draw a night sky, you’ll need just the basics that every painter has access to.        

Abstract Heart

What’s great about abstract is that you don’t have to be perfect. So go ahead and make an abstract heart painting with the color, shades, and moods of your choice. Play with color varieties, types of brushes, and more. Painting an abstract heart is one of the easiest things to do, and it brings out creativity without any extra effort.

And that’s the end of the first section. The next section is specially designed to help new painters get up and running.  

What Should a Beginner Paint?

New painters often find it hard to start painting as online painting tutorials for beginners aren’t actually that beginner friendly. But today, you’ll be able to find the best things you can paint as a beginner. Note that these are just ideas, and if you search them on Google, you might be able to find an easy on the eye tutorial. But hey, these ideas are for beginners, so you can easily paint them without any extra help.    

Striped Canvas Art

As a beginner, painting striped canvas art is one of the easiest things a beginner can do. It requires no skill whatsoever and produces beautiful results. All you need to do is just pick a bunch of random colors and paint colorful stripes line by line or according to your choice.

Note that you can always use external help of items like a ruler and painter’s tape to make the striped canvas art something accurate and perfect. So what are you waiting for? Start painting a striped canvas art right now.

Pixel Painting

If you know how to draw a shape, you can easily do pixel painting. What’s great about pixel painting is that it doesn’t limit you to rules. Just pick a bunch of colors and start drawing random or equal-sized shapes across the canvas with tone and color variation. While drawing, you might think, “What the heck am I drawing”, but the end result will shock you.

Pixel painting is one of the easiest forms of paintings for beginners who are just starting out.    

Duct Tape Painting

Don’t feel like you can do something amazing with no-to-basic painting skills? We’ll prove you wrong. With duct tape painting, you can paint some serious things on the canvas. All you need to do is just gather duct tape and apply it to the canvas in a random pattern. Then, use the colors to paint the spaces on the canvas and allow it to dry. Lastly, peel off the duct tape and BAM! You’ll start feeling like the great Picasso.   

 Duct Tape Painting

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are easy to draw. But they can create a great outcome if combined correctly together. Use the power of easy geometric patterns and use them to paint something out of this world. Don’t worry about detailing and filling in the fine details; just connect the patterns in your own creative way and see the magic!

Geometric pattern painting is a criminally underrated idea for beginners who are just starting out. It requires no extra effort rather than just drawing and combining patterns.

Dot Painting

As suggested by the name, dot painting requires you to just paint dots. It’s a super beginner-friendly idea and requires no extra effort. All you need to do is just start making dots of different colors and variations on your canvas. To make dot painting a little more exciting, you can experiment with different brushes and make use of unique shapes.

And that’s a wrap for the second section. Did you enjoy the ideas we presented? We hope so. Well, now it’s time to learn about some fun things that you can paint on.     

What Are Some Fun Things to Paint On?

Apart from the obvious canvas, there are a lot of things you can paint on. Especially if you are a beginner, it will help you to expand your horizon and boost your painting journey. Let’s see some of the fun things to paint on.


Painting on leaves is super fun! You get to use nature’s template that’s already beautiful as a starting place. And the best part about painting on leaves is that you aren’t destroying nature if you pick up fallen ones.

You’ll find fallen leaves in abundance everywhere. You can pick them up, crunch some, and bring back the ones left to give them a whole new look with your paints. You can use gesso to cover them up for smooth painting or just start raw.  


Have you seen sticks lying around your house or neighborhood? If you have, quickly go and pick them up and bring them back to your home. It’s time to paint those dull sticks into something new, attractive, and unique.

You don’t need to be a master painter in order to paint sticks; even a beginner can munch in colors and give boring sticks a fresh outlook! And lastly, painting on sticks will also help you to learn to paint on rough surfaces.

Egg Cartons

The egg carton is one of the fun things you can try painting on. Especially kids will find it entertaining and enjoyable to paint on egg cartons since all they need to do is use random colors and patterns to turn a dull box into something attractive.

Egg cartons are readily available in nearly every house, so you don’t have to make any special arrangements. Now is a great time to try it! Pick an empty egg carton in your house and start painting on it!   

It's fun to paint on egg cartons  

Wood Scraps

Do you have wood scraps lying around in your house? Well, you can use those wood scraps as a painting surface for yourself or your kids. Painting on wood is fun as there are no special prerequisites for it. You just need to have access to some premium paintbrushes, some paint colors, and you are good to go. Indulge yourself or the kids in your house to paint on wood scraps and see the flow of creativity bursting out.    

Play Blocks

Don’t want to waste the above resources in the name of fun painting? Play blocks are your friend! As play blocks are just meant to play and nothing else, you can use them as a new type of canvas for your children or yourself to try painting! You or your children will absolutely enjoy the experience of painting on play blocks. Especially for kids, the idea of changing the colors of their favorite play blocks will blow them away!

Turn on the fun by painting on these fun and unconventional surfaces we have mentioned! Now it’s time to do some problem solving in the next section. In the following section, you’ll learn about what to paint when you don’t know what to paint.  

What to Paint When You Don’t Know What to Paint

It’s pretty normal for many painters to run out of ideas at some time or another. And if you are also going through the same phase, we will present you with things to paint when you don’t know what to paint. These ideas are absolutely random, and according to our likes and dislikes. So let’s dive in and discover five things you can paint when you are out of ideas.    

Paint Things You Are Passionate About

If you are out of ideas, think about your passion and start painting about it. For instance, if your passion is football, paint a pitch, stadium, or your favorite moment. Think about your passion, and your mind will start presenting you with supreme ideas that you can illustrate on the canvas.  

Paint Your Surroundings

Don’t feel like painting about your passion? What’s easiest to paint is your surroundings when you don’t have a clue about what to paint next. Deeply analyze your surroundings and make a rough picture in your mind. Then, use your fingers and brushes to paint the picture that’s inside your head.     

Songs or Poems

No matter who you are, there will be a song or a piece of poetry that you love. When nothing is on your mind, remember the lyrics of your favorite song or poetry and paint the words, or even what it reminds you of, right on your canvas. You can use different colors, font sizes, or abstract shapes to make the outcome something entirely new.   

Paint a Message

Every painting has a message. But when painting, most of the painters don’t start painting thinking about highlighting a message, and that’s where the idea drought begins. Set a message in your mind and think about the ways you can paint it on a canvas. The deeper the message, the more your mind will generate ideas. 

Paint Nature

Last but not least, you can always paint the nature around you if you are short on painting ideas. Go outside of your home, observe nature, and then start painting it on your canvas! Super easy when you are out of painting ideas.  

Let's Start Painting

Now that you have a few ideas of things to paint it's time to put it to action! Check out our complete acrylic starter kit to load up on all the painting supplies you need to start your next masterpiece.

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