Rock Painting Supplies - Where Do I Begin?

Let's get creative on our next painting project and venture outside to find some rocks! If you are wondering how to start a rock art project, we have put together some easy rock painting ideas for you. 

There are two common ways to get started in rock painting (using a rock painting kit or paint pens). 

We have tested out the competition to supply you with two high-quality options at an affordable price.  Check out the summarizes below to learn more about each option and the supplies we recommend. 

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Creative and Fun Rock Painting Kit For Kids of All Ages

Give the gift of creativity with this all-inclusive rock painting kit for kids. This extensive kit includes everything you need to start painting rocks.

Created by the dynamic duo of Dan and Darci, this product is high-quality and sure to provide hours of creative entertainment for kids and adults alike.

If you're looking for a fun and educational gift for children, look no further than this rock painting kit.

Not only will your kids love it and feel inspired to be creative and innovative, but it's the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy!

What's Included In This Rock Painting Kit? 


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Get everything you need to learn how to create a stone painting in one compact kit. You won't have to shop around for countless decorative items because you'll get them all with this product! Let's take a closer look at what's included in this kit:




  • 10 rocks
  • 6 paint colors (blue, yellow, red, green, white, and purple)
  • 6 metallic paint colors
  • 2 rock paint brushes (one large, one small)
  • Transfer stickers
  • Googley eyes
  • Gems
  • Glitter glue (silver and a bonus gold)
  • Sponge
  • Instructional guide




With the diverse offerings included in this kit, the design opportunities are truly endless! Kids can create wildly different types of rocks for a really cool painted rock collection.  We found it's best to add a base layer with the acrylic paint followed by the stickers, gems, glitter, or sharpie oil.

An Educational and Creative Gift for Boys and Girls 

Unleash your kid's creative potential with the gift of this rock paint kit.

Instead of spending hours in front of a television or tablet, get your kid involved in creative activities that help them develop and learn.

This extensive kit is the perfect STEM project for summer break or weekend activities to keep the creative juices flowing. The assembly of the rocks is a blast, and the final product will leave you and your kid immensely satisfied with the time you spent on the bonding activity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

- What's the best age range for craft kits? Would it be okay for my 6-year old granddaughter?  

This rock kit is best for those rock painters from the beginner to intermediate skill level. It offers good quality supplies at an exceptional price. And yes, this product is for children 6+ so it should be a great gift for your granddaughter.

- What are my shipping options? 

There's no need to find your masks to pickup that curbside order! This product is sold through Amazon and can be delivered to your door within a few business days for all buyers in the United States. Amazon is able to provide insanely fast free shipping and offers delivers within 1 to 5 business days. Prime members are eligible for free 2-day shipping.

- What if I'm not happy with my purchase? 

We are confident that you will love this painting kit, but if for any reason this kit doesn't meet your buyer's expectation you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Kit returns will not result in any buyer's losses as Amazon also offer free shipping back to the supplier.

- What makes this product stand out from other craft kits? 

We were extremely disappointed trying out other rock painting kits because they did not contain ANY actual rocks. This kit is perfect because it has all the supplies needed for a rock art project. The rocks provided had looked awesome and had a smooth surface that reminded me of natural river rocks.

- Are there any other products you would recommend bundling with this kit? 

If you would like to store your finished artwork outside, I would recommend protecting it with a sealer. We prefer the Mod Podge spray sealer since it is easy to apply and provides a nice matte finish.


Buy a Rock Painting Kit Today!

Whether you want to get a fun, creative, and educational gift for a child or you want a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy, this product is a perfect choice.  It is also very simple to create, so you don't have to be Martha Stewart to be an encouragement to your kid's creativity.

It's all-inclusive so you won't have to go out and buy countless products to design your rock art. Everything you need is right here in this kit!

Spend free time with your child doing an activity that encourages creativity, artistic ability, and innovation. Spending time painting and designing rocks helps children learn and feel a sense of accomplishment once they have the finished product. They can display their awesome rocks in their room, around the house, or give them as gifts to their friends! The options are endless but one thing's for certain: you and your kid will have a blast the entire time.

Purchase your extensive and high-quality rock painting kit today and lock in the 35% off coupon being offered!

Rock Painting

Acrylic Paint Pens Designed for Versatility 

Another option to create that perfect rock art is to pull out a few paint pens and get to work.   We love using acrylic paint markers because they are so easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. 

There's no more gathering up a ton of supplies like brushes and canvas.  With these acrylic paint markers, you can grab a few markers and create your next rock art masterpiece anywhere, even at your local park. 

These markers blend easily which allows you to create a variety of bright colors.  Since these pens use acrylic paint, it will dry quickly which allows you to build different layers on your rocks.  

When painting with acrylic markers, it's recommended to have different size tips.  By having different sizes so you cover the majority of base coat with a larger tip and switch to a fine tip to focus on the small details.  One of the things that we LOVE about the Chalky Crown's markers is the fact that each pen comes with a reversible tip.  This eliminates the need to buy multiple packs of markers as you can simply flip it over to switch back and forth.   


What's Included In The Marker Set?

marker set

Unlike the rock painting kit, these acrylic paint pens do not come with any rocks.  If you cannot find any rocks outside with a smooth surface, you can order the best rocks on amazon.  Let's take a closer look at why we recommend this set:

Key Stats

  • 12 acrylic markers - contains a variety of bold and vivid colors (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, black, white, brown, gold and silver)

  • Reversible Tips -  These versatile paint markers offer two tip options for each color.   Use the acrylic fine point for drawing or fine line work.

  • Great for Kids - This high-quality marker set is perfect for beginners as it's easy to use and the acrylic paint dries very quickly.  It's a good idea for a gift that keeps the kids entertained for a long time.  

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - We're confident that your child will absolutely love this set.  If there's anything wrong with the set or it's not what you expected, then you can take advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee. 

There's an endless amount of ways to utilize this set.  It's the perfect gift to get you starting on The Kindness Rocks Project or any other personalized stones.


Frequently Asked Questions 

 - What kind of paint is acrylic? 

Acrylic paints are water-based that can be cleaned off with soap and water while wet. Unlike oil paints that can take a long time to dry, acrylics are the best paint for rock painting because it dries extremely fast making it easy to create layers on your rock art.

- What makes these the best paint pens? 

We love the versatility of the tip sizes and product performance. Being able to switch to the fine point allows you to nail the detailed designs and fine details. Also, these paint markers are of the highest quality and will work on a variety of surfaces (both smooth surfaces and dark surfaces). Kids also love the product packaging as it combines several bright colors with festive logos.

- Are these pens weather resistant? 
While these pens are made for outdoor use, the acrylic paint we start to ruin if exposed to the elements. We recommend using a spray sealer such as Mod Podge to lock in your artwork.

The Mod Podge spray sealer is a great sealant to keep in mind, as it is quick-drying and dries clear without staining.

- What are my shipping options? 

This product is sold through Amazon and can be delivered to your door within a few business days for all buyers in the United States. Amazon is able to provide insanely fast free shipping and offers delivers within 1 to 5 business days. Prime members are eligible for free 2-day shipping.


Round and Flat Options 


round tip
flat tip



Order Your Acrylic Markers Today!

If you would like to do a fun creative project with your kids, then go grab some river rocks and order these paint pens today.  These markers make the perfect hide & seek rock painting kit as you can easily grab a few markers on the go and add an extra challenge to the finders.

If you order soon you can take advantage of the 20% off coupon that is currently being offered.

 Lets Go!


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