What Is the Formula for Hanging Pictures?

Ways to hang your artwork

You've put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect piece of art and now it's time to show it off. 

This should be the easy part, but for those of us without an interior design background it can be hard to figure out the exact science behind displaying your work.

For this reason, a proper presentation of your artwork becomes extremely important in order to display the most out of your efforts and skills. Thus, it becomes essential to be precise while hanging pictures on the walls.

In this article we've created three basic mantras used in picture hanging systems to bring the best out of your art in front of the visitors.

The Thumb Rule

  1. First of all, precisely measure the dimensions of your picture frame.
  2. Divide the height of the frame by two. (Ans1)
  3. Calculate the distance of the hanger wire (while taut) from the top of the frame. (Ans2)
  4. Estimate the difference between Ans1 and Ans2.
  5. Add your final answer to 60 inches.
  6. Now take the final sum on your scale and mark it on the wall (starting from the floor). Place the screw or hook of your hanger at this point.

Eye Level

Hanging pictures towards the higher end of the wall is a very common but unpleasant idea. This is because you do not want the viewer to crane his/her neck and struggle in appreciating different aspects of the art while gazing at it for long.

Therefore, positioning the frame’s center in the range of 57-60 inches above the floor is usually the ideal way. However, in rooms with a taller ceiling (above 8’), it is better to exceed the upper limit by a margin of 4”-5” so as to fill up the top space uniformly.

In the case of more number of picture frames, consider the group as a single frame with the largest and the most important picture at the center and the others surrounding it in different patterns.

Above Furniture

If you wish to hang your picture above a furniture item like sofas, dining tables, headboards, etc, ensure keeping the width of the picture at least ⅔ of the furniture item.

Moreover, while placing as such, always try to keep a margin of 5-10 inches for a tidy and catchy look.

Also, it is very important to keep the midpoint of the frame linear to the midpoint of the furniture so as to make a proper blend of the two.

Final Thoughts

By following the above rules, you can simplify the process of hanging art work or pictures on the wall. With these formulas you will be able to utilize the space properly and show off those masterpieces.

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